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Nuvemco - Uranium, Vanadium, Permits & Uncommitted Production
Comprehensive Capability To Get Things Done
Nuvemco has its own drill rig, logging truck, ATV's, and utility vehicles. Nuvemco also owns, or has access to, geologic exploration  equipment, such as a hand-held scintilometer, XRF, mapping software, large format printing and scanning, and more to meet most exploration needs.
If you have any questions, or if you wish to sell, buy, or have manufactured equipment, please don't hesitate to contact Craig Howell (Okie) at 505-350-5241.
Exploration Capability
Production Capability
​We operate from leased space in Naturita, Colorado minutes from our mines.  With key equipment owned, a talented network of heavy equipment and mining contractors, and existing mining infrastructure, we are confident of the ability to return to mining quickly.
Mining Country Support
​With larger cities within a few hours drive, virtually any standard supply or custom fabrication is reasonably available.  Further, while not every person supports mining, the majority of local citizens have repeatedly supported 21st Century mining practices and the Western way of life.
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