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The base process is hard rock mining of mineralized sandstones containing uranium and vanadium. This is sold for milling, separation, and sale of u3o8 (yellowcake) and v2o5 (black flake).  

To improve mineral recovery, reduce environmental footprints, cut truck traffic, and improve costs, Nuvemco has been active in scientific proof of concept testing of advanced mining technologies.  

Along the way, Nuvemco has detected rare earth elements anomalies  and new minerals have been discovered.  
Nature is not done in Naturita, Colorado!  New mineral discoveries, such as Okieite pictured above and Bluestreakite, as well as newly discovered anomalies of rare earth elements, are under investigation.
Jointly deposited in the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Sandstone, the vanadium to uranium ratio generally is at least 5:1.  End products are triuranium oxtoxide (u3o8), or yellowcake, and vanadium pentoxide (v2o5).  
Craig "Okie" Howell
Based in Naturita, Colorado, Okie is responsible for operations and permits.  He is a certified MSHA instructor and is the "Okie" in the new mineral "Okieite."
Phil Hemmer
Chairman and Manager of Nuvemco, Phil is a Salina, Kansas businessman and entrepreneur.
CEO and Manager, Paul is a Colorado energy entrepreneur and serves on the Western Small Miners Association Board.  
Executive leadership is provided by three entrepreneurs and professionals, who are supported by strong network of contract providers, specialists, advisors, technical experts and qualified professionals.    
u3o8 becomes the primary fuel for carbon free nuclear power, providing ~20% of electricity in the U.S.
Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries look to enable renewable sun and wind energy by providing superior energy storage.
Paul Szilagyi
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